To Make You Feel My Love...

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"Need we say Dylan is a master songwriter? No, we need not. I fell in love with this the moment I first heard it, and have been pleasantly surprised to find it has been commented upon, by DJ Michael Tearson, as one of the finest versions of this song. (Tearson hosts the Bob Dylan hour on Sirius satellite radio's Disorder channel) It has been downloaded more than any of my other songs, and continues to gain attention from fans and industry people. I had not really rehearsed this when I came into the Bridge Studio to record it for the "Million Dollar Bash" Dylan tribute CD spear-headed by Wes Wingate of Columbia, MO. It was myself, my guitar and violin, my other acoustic guitarist Bill Adams, and bassist Mike Robertson. Somehow the piece fell into place magically in an incredibly short span of time (artists were being moved in and out of the studio at breakneck pace as the recording schedule was rigid) and ideas came to us as we went along. Bill Adams' guitar solo was sweetly inspirational and unrehearsed, adding my violin solo to it seemed natural when we listened to the distinct country sound we were capturing, and when I decided to add my own vocal harmony tracks, Wes commented that I (singular) was starting to sound like the Judds (plural). So, although this song was recorded for another project, it seemed there was no question as to whether or not it belonged on Road to Hope. It

To Make You Feel My Love

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is one of Dylan's sweetest love songs (albeit mixed with heavy-hitting lines like, "I'd go hungry, I'd go black and blue....I'd go crawling down the avenue) and since I had tackled several other covers on the album, and this is one fans always request at shows, it was natural that it close the album. I also noticed that if I let the CD replay, the end of this song flows amazingly well back into the start of Daydreamer, and the story starts again.

In between a dream and love, there is hope."