Road To Hope...

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All the lonely people they come out in the light
So I never go out in the day
But in the night I can see the city lights
And then I'm driving, I'm driving away

Coming back to you
Back to you
Coming back to you
I'm coming back to you

There was a time and not so long ago
When I thought I could be on my own
So I fought and I fought and I fought to be free
And then you left and now I'm all alone

Coming back to you
Back to you
Coming back to you
I'm coming back to you

Out here on my own
Each light like a memory of home
Guess I don't want to be alone
So I'm driving down the road...the road to hope

Road To Hope

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All you crazy people who had a good love
And you gave it away to be free
Freedom, you'll find, is but lonely defined
And alone is all you'll ever be

This song is my way of saying that oftentimes while we wish for what we don't have, we will ourselves into that place, and then realize we should have been appreciating what we DID have and the place in which we were. the story goes, it's probably too late for this realization to do us any good. The title of this song was my way of asking the question: "Is it really too late? Or are there some things in life we really can return to?" Most interesting, perhaps, is the fact that the song came to me in a flash while driving in the area around my father's home in Sandpoint, Idaho, and seeing the sign for Hope, Idaho. I'd passed that sign many times, and of course my family always commented about the little town of Hope, and the next town down the road: Beyond Hope, Idaho. Nobody missed the humor in those names. So the metaphor for the song was born, a theme was created, and an entire album was built around this concept. May we all find ourselves not just on a road, but on one that leads to hope. (Just don't venture to Beyond Hope; then you've gone just a little too far.) :)"