Recording and Mixing

The Production...

Road to Hope was recorded at The Bridge recording studio in Jamestown, Missouri, and The Music House recording studio under the direction of producer Stephen Gardner.  Steve's career has taken him from guitar player and songwriter to engineer/producer.  Gardner has produced recordings for:  Sara Evans, Jackson Fisher, Shooting Star, Grand Max,Warner Bros., Holly Dunn, EMI of America, 3M Corp., James Stroud, Kelly Hunt, Beeb Burtles (The Little River Band), Floyd Goode, Hilary Scott, Robert A.Johnson, David Grimes, Stingrays, Matt Wilder, Jimmy Steffan, Steven Gladstone,,Bud Reese, Bob Bullock, Brent King, Larry Beaird,Tom Bark, Dave and Cathy Para, Bob Dyer, Thom Howard, The Jolly Bros., Robert Putnam,Violet Vonder Haar, Lela and Ellie Grace, Rich Mcdowell, Bill Barnhouse, Otto Palmer, Soulstace, Chris Edwards, Dillinger Steele, The Fountain Sisters, and Janet Walden.  All in all, Steve has recorded over 100 albums and CDs.

     Steve's concept behind Road To Hope was to produce the very best of the Hilary Scott Band sound.   Road to Hope was tracked at The Bridge studio to Pro Tools HD and converted to a Mackie HDR Hard Disc recorder for over dubs and editing at Steve's studio, The Music House.  It was mixed using a Yamaha Dm1000 fully automated console, Eventide se3000 effects to a Aleses Masterlink master recorder.  The microphone used on Hilary's vocals is a custom made Lawson 251 tube mic through a Neve Portico 5012 preamp.  The mics used for cello and acoustic guitar are josephson c42 microphones into a Chandler preamp.

     The Bridge studio is located 30 miles west of Columbia, MO, and The Music House is located in Columbia. 

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