Loyd Warden

At the age of 23 Loyd made a  decision to move to Memphis, Tennessee where most of his professional life was  spent recording and performing with many well-known Blues, Jazz and Rhythm and  Blues acts.  Buddy Guy, Johnny “Guitar” Watson, Ann Peebles, George  Coleman, Kevin Paige, Johnny Johnson, and Calvin Owens are just a few of the  artists Loyd has performed and recorded with.  He spent 13 years in  Memphis developing his style and musical prowess.  While in Memphis he  met and performed with hundreds of artists on Beale Street who would come to  visit the famous city.  People like Sting, Steve Winwood, Duck Dunn,  Steve Cropper, and Wilson Pickett.  Loyd’s favorite performer to work  with during this time was Ben Cauley who played trumpet with Otis Redding’s  Group, and recorded many of the rhythm and blues hits during the early  sixties.
Loyd now lives in Columbia, Missouri where he still performs regularly with many diverse musical groups.  Hilary Scott Band, Tom Andes, and the Banana Oil Pan Band are just a few of the artists he currently works with.  He is finishing a Master of Music Education Degree at University of Missouri, where he is the graduate teaching assistant in the jazz department, and is Professor of Percussion at Central Methodist University.  Loyd enjoys sharing his knowledge of music and his experience in the music business with younger musicians who are aspiring to play professionally.

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Loyd has studied drum set with Joe Pocaro, Ken Watson, Roger Griffey, John Cushon (Oleta Adams), Todd Strait (Karrin  Allyson), Ed Soph, Steve Houghton, Gary Chaffee, José Aponte, Dr. Dennis  Rogers, Gary Chester, Steve Ferrone and John Riley.