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"I always choose covers very carefully, and this amazing, timeless song by Leonard Cohen has been one that I've considered doing for years. Whenever I heard a version of it, be it Jeff Buckley's, Rufus Wainright's, or whomever's, I always thought about what I would do, which lyrics I would emphasize, how to build even more on the chorus, etc. The one thing I most strongly felt was that the final chorus needed to build, which I did both with repetition and with melodic ascension. I kept the piano line extremely simple, almost elementary because the lyrics should be first and foremost in this song. Although the premise of the song is ironic in nature, that isn't what seems to stick with most listeners. The haunting melody and certain key phrases are usually what replay in people's minds. So, rather than nodding to the irony, I put everything I had into a sincere and straightforward performance. When all is said and done, if I know I covered a song with my heart instead of my mind, I can rest satisfied. (Note: the "irony" to which I allude was brought forth much more in the album art for this tune - perhaps some day I will give a detailed explanation of why certain photos and locations were chosen).



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