Hilary Scott

Hilary's music is comfortably chameleon-like, inspired by a fresh and unique mix of blues, folk, rock, classical, and country. Comparisons offered when people speak of Hilary's sound range from Joan Baez to Billie Holiday. This delicious ambiguity might result from Hilary's various and sundry influences, which include Led Zeppelin, Peter Gabriel, Sarah McLachlan and Nick Drake. Regardless of this mix of inspirations, Hilary's sound remains truly her own. Hannah Vogel of the Sandpoint Reader says: "[Hilary] is uniquely herself, in her music and onstage. From coffee shops, to blues houses and festivals, wherever she goes, she and her music are genuine. It's not often you meet a musician you might also like to have as a best friend."

Fans have said Hilary is a "national treasure on par with Joan Baez" and "amazing...able to take a crowd into the palm of her hand." They rave about the distinctive nature of her voice, the co-existent intelligence and accessibility of her lyrics, and the pathos and excitement of her band's live performances.


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