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Never really seen this face before
Still I have pictures of you hanging on my wall
We're like two candles in the dark
More than a million miles apart

And every place that I call home
Is just one more place from which soon I will roam
And every stranger seems to say
Hey baby, who can I remind you of today?

That is what you say to me
Hey daydreamer

You almost woke me from my dream

But I dream, do you?
How do your waking eyes see you through?
And I even dream of you
Maybe one day I will dream a dream for you


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  Did you ever think that sometime
Everybody hears the call
And did you ever fear that sometime
You might take the fall?

You always told me that I needed the wings to fly
That is why I say goodbye
I will miss you when I'm gone
I wonder was it meant to end this way all along?

Is that what you say to me?
Call me daydreamer
Just don't wake me from my dream

"Daydreamer was one of the first songs I ever wrote where I realized upon reflection it was truly a strong piece. I was content with it on so many levels, lyrically, thematically, musically. It was also important personally. Daydreamer captures the frustration, pain, and isolation of being a person with a dream so strong that others often can't, or won't, attempt to understand it. As you follow this passion (because your heart and soul will not allow you to do otherwise) you find that the dream that fulfills you can also become the very thing that isolates you from others. My love of music and my passion and drive to create it have sustained me, but they have also made me realize how hard this can be for another person to comprehend. Musically, Daydreamer grew quite a bit years after its initial creation. I wrote and performed it on guitar on my album Hypothermia, but it gradually developed into a piano piece and I added an additional bridge that seemed to make the message even more cohesive, and also generalized it more so that other people could crawl into the song and see if it fit their situation. When I debuted this song on piano with my band, I received comments on it from people all the time, many of whom had been listening to it on Hypothermia for years, but suddenly heard it in a different light. I realized the new arrangement was somehow hitting on emotions in a way that touched more people, and I felt it needed to be recorded. The arrangement is, I believe, particularly haunting because of the solo drum beat and bass line that begin the song in a much darker way than the guitar version. The piano serves as a counter-melody to the voice, and in this way the song is much richer and fuller. Rob Lampe, our electric guitarist, has commented that this is one of his favorite songs to play, and his very personal touch is evident in his fantastic lap steel part - it is another voice crying out the message of the song. Daydreamer found its way into the number one spot on the album because I truly believe, everything starts with a dream. (Sometimes everything ends with one, as well)."