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"Wow!  Wow!  If this doesn't make it for Hilary Scott, I will have lost faith in the music world.  I have been playing Road To Hope constantly all week...can't get Hallelujah out of my passionate and powerful...every song on this CD is personal favorite (Dylan should be ecstatic), To Make You Feel My Love".  A Fan From Maine

Eric Cohen, Music Director, WAER 88.3, writes, "This record impressed me from the moment I started hearing it.  Hilary is a genuine talent and her band is top notch.  The cuts that we have played up to this point are:  Daydreamer, To Make You Feel My Love, You Electrify Me, Hallelujah.  Thanks again for sending us a copy of Road To Hope".

Women's Rising Music has this to say about Road To Hope and Hilary Scott:  "Singer-songwriter Hilary Scott has a fresh blend of country and contemporary sounds.  With so many wanna-be's around these days, an artist is hard-pressed to find a fresh sound but Scott has done it on tracks like "Daydreamer", "Sugar Bomb."  "Loser Blues" has a highway ballad feel with great vocals and guitar.  Her band is undoubtedly the right mix for her voice and their musical talents.  Scott's rendition of "Hallelujah" is soulfully soothing with a country slant.  But it's not all country, the title cut, "Road to Hope" is upbeat and very much up there with the likes of today's pop sound.  All in all a great listen.  Be sure to pick up a copy of the CD because the booklet contains some wonderful photography of Scott and her guitar and American classics."

MySpace Fan Comments about Road To Hope:

  "Your new stuff is pretty rockin, Hilary!  I especially like All Along"

"Thanks for the request; great sound!  Road To Hope is awesome.  Hopefully you'll come up to NY for a show."

"I love Daydreamer so much..."

"Hi, Really like the track Sugar Bomb.  Well, all your track are great!"

"Hilary, earlier tonight I watched your video of Bob Dylan's To Make You Feel My Love that you did with Bill & Rob.  It was beautiful.  The best version of the song done since Billy Joel.  You're incredible."

"Beautiful songwriting and such awesome feel and passion in your voice!"

"Hello, Hilary, I love Daydreamer, it gives me a lot of emotions!"

"You have such a beautiful voice and  love your song Daydreamer."

"Love your music!  Just added Sugar Bomb to my profile."

"I loved your CD, Road To Hope..."

"...just dropping by and listening to Sugar Bomb (love that tune)."

"Hie Hilary!  Been listening to your music time and again.  It's obvious one may wonder if your music is really coming from this planet earth.  U Sounds majestic, energetic n unique.  It's such inspirational kind of music that really brings a ROAD TO HOPE."

"I love the electric guitar in Loser Blues and the leads in All Along.  Great playin'."

"Great vocals and songs Hilary, my favs are All Along and Daydreamer."

"Your voice like mother earth - Daydreamer - very beautiful song...Sugar Bomb-Oh, very dangerous title!"