Carol Elliot

In fall 2004, Carol heard Emmylou Harris perform live.  During this concert, Emmylou spoke of the fear she first had when she began stepping into the role of songwriter from performer.  At that concert, Carol vowed to try to begin improvising in public with her cello Ė a scary feat for a from-the-cradle straight-ahead classically trained cellist. 

Carolís attempts were first limited to playing in the praise band at church, where Hilary heard her.  Hilary invited Carol to play in a few of the HSBís live shows where Hilary chose to include the cello on Hilaryís Jezebel, My Friend, Calls from Springfield, and Patty Griffinís Mary.  For RTH, the cello is used on Hallelujah, Long Ride Home, All Along, and Blessed

Carolís technical approach to improvising on cello is influenced by the book Improvising Violin by Julie Lyonn Lieberman.   Carolís favorite non-straight ahead cellist is John Hagen of Lyle Lovettís Large Band.  Check out Johnís classic solo on You Canít Resist It on the Live from Texas album.     Itís to wannabe improvising cellists what The Star-Spangled Banner is to Jimi Hendrix. Another favorite of Carolís is certain New Age type music featuring the cello, particularly the work of David Darling.  A very interesting web site (and radio program) where you can hear more is Hearts of Space.  Search for ďcelloĒ on this web site to find many compositions featuring the celloís dark, brooding voice.   Finally, Carol is a mystic at heart, and compositions of the contemporary British composer John Taverner run along mystical lines and often feature the cello.  Listen to works such as The Protecting Veil.  Carol first learned of Taverner when his Song for Athene was used in the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales.


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